When the mobile phone into the smart era, we are not very concerned about the previous mobile phone hardware, and now become more concerned about and become more and more attention, and in that non-smart times mobile phone fluency for us does not seem so important, we More concerned about whether to support Bluetooth, MP3 and so on, because the general requirements for phone text messages on the phone is very low, but today these features have become a mobile phone one of the essential functions, but we do not pay close attention to the hardware before the more More and more attention to us, because it directly affects the fluency of the phone.Today I will tell you How To Make Android Phone Run Faster.

Release of mobile phone memory

More effective to enhance mobile phone fluency is the processor and memory, close the background process by finishing the way the phone memory, which can greatly enhance the fluency of mobile phones, because the size of mobile phone memory Directly affect the speed of the program. Android phone and iPhone has a significant difference is to support multi-tasking, but also has a drawback of multi-task that is, the program exits, the relevant process is still running in the background, the process of the background of the more mobile phone memory will occupy slow, the system Followed will slow down, so we often use in the clean-up procedures do not need to release the background of mobile phone memory, but also enhance the fluency of a common method of mobile phones.

How To Make Android Phone Run Faster – Manually

Hit the Menu button and go to Preferences > Advanced Settings > Memory Usage Settings.

How To Make Android Phone Run Faster – Automatically

Download 360 security and use the Memory Boost

Free up memory (RAM) and boost your mobile phone. One Tap Clean feature reclaims memory allowing you to open apps without delay!



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